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Little Boy says to "Carl" The Calf: "Now listen to me young 'Carl' I'm The Boss of you, and I'm telling you to drink this milk so you can grow just as big, and as strong: Like me!" (Written By: Lynn Chateau ~ "I use to do this myself! Growing up on my Parent's Organic Farm.")

Love, love, love cows. They remind me of my beloved dogs. They follow you around and are eager to show affection. I love kisses from these sensitive souls.

Words cannot describe how wonderful of a feeling something like this is. So blessed to have grown up showing cattle and can't wait to give my children the same opportunity.

Bumble bee!

So there's this elephant.

Orphaned foal's best friend is a teddy bear called Button.

An otter showing you its baby.

Empire Penquin Family

DIY - Easy Kitty Corner Play Area

Our water bill would be so high- Sadie would play with this all day!

cat trees diy | DIY Cat Tree Advice Now I just need some one to build it.

Sea turtle hatchlings.

jjones186: a leap of faith…..

Incredible Shots of the Exotic Peacock Spider / via Ben Pierrat

Small animals = cute

Japanese Firefly squid.



Jawfish protecting it's babies. Wow, I had to take a second look at this, amazing.

Family, the same no matter what species...


Blue Footed Booby. So cute it almost looks like he is looking at his feet

Oh my baby....think that fish is a bit big?