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The first Morris died in 1978 and was replaced by more cats who played "Morris." All cats to play Morris have been rescues, either coming from an animal shelter or a cat rescue.

Pound Puppies #nostalgia #1980s #toys Awww i had this with the puppies, santa pressie, box said handle with care my mam brought it back to shop not opening it, and inside was this haha, marketing did not think it through.....

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Vintage 1986 White PUFFBALL Popples Stuffed Animal Plush 80's Toy Mattel

Vintage 1986 White Puffball Popples Stuffed Animal Plush 80's Toy Mattel | eBay

You could eat the cereal right from the box. You had to open it a certain way and then pour the milk right in.

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20 Snacks That Will Make You Miss The ‘90s

20 snacks that will make you miss the '90s! Including Kid Cuisine and Dunkaroos...I totally ate the ones with the good desserts!

Vintage Jack in the Box - Terry worked a second job as Night Manager at Jack in the Box when we were first married. These Jac in the Box stands were where you placed your orders.