a bike ride.

Adore this.

Be wierd. Be random. Be who you are because you never know who would love the person you hide...pinned by ♥ wootandhammy.com, thoughtful jewelry.

Pedal Pushers Club — Ride More Drive Less

I have 2 bikes which were both bought for me. It is true they have brought me many happy times, first with my kids and now with the grandkids. :)

faith vs. fear

Reckless biker love.

Dear bike:

I love it as much as riding my own :)

I like 'You will always be my forever' better. Tattoo quote under the infinity sign with Charlee, Andlee, Hudson, and Brian's name in it.

#bicycle #keen #goexplore

Halfway has never been my way.

Schools almost out

with love.