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The 2012 political season holds pivotal, YOUNG LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT AND ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIES. It can be a season of learning and growing as the nation’s history unfolds. Read more about its interactions, including social media developments, at

Its unavoidable. Rocking the boat is part of changing the world. So be bold.

Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous. Albert Einstein.

MLM Leadership Development | As an MLM leader we understand the power of integrity. However, people are more concerned about their image. Work on your integrity and your image will follow.

Si tu n'as rien appris sur ta journée , il eut mieux valu que tu restes à méditer dans ton lit ! !

Lead from the back and let others believe they are in front - Nelson Mandela

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Jack and Sally Black and White Throw Pillow by Nessawankenobi

Opportunity is missed when it is dressed in overalls and looks like crap.

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This is for you Professors...

Einstein, Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein quote - new thoughts

Do not settle for "comfortable" - push and strive to be better. Make mistakes. Keep learning. There's ALWAYS room for improvement