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CUTE Video of an #owl getting a massage - on

Little Screech Owl Enjoys a Relaxing Massage Generously Given to Him by His Human

Squirrels being squirrels…

Squirrels are awesome. I miss my pet squirrel.

Photographers capture 30 tiny animals who are destined to become social media stars.

Photographers Capture 30 Tiny Animals Destined to Become Social Media Stars

Where do you think you're going?

I Love Cats

Kitty-Cat: "Don't you dare move, Human!

Wally The Squirrel Uses A Fork To Eat, Just Like Any Other Polite Squirrel Would

Wally the rescued squirrel—who once buried a bunch of nuts in the fur of his Bernese Mountain Dog buddy—politely uses a fork to enjoy a bit of almond butter, though his politeness came to an end on.

Good guy polar bear…

Funny pictures about Good guy polar bear. Oh, and cool pics about Good guy polar bear. Also, Good guy polar bear.

Wait, let me stop and ask this photographer.

“Here are orphaned baby beavers Fern & Lily during their first supervised outdoor playtime at ARC for Wildlife in Texas,” says Cuteporter KB.

True facts about Owls.  Need a laugh?  Watch this video.

Funny "True Facts" about Owls video.

The Polar Vortex Is Coming!! — Cute Overload

Pumpkin the hamster loves pumpkin seeds and stuffing his cheeks!

Stuff my guinea pig does, part 2…

Very Active Guinea Pig, Part II OMG, I am crying from laughing so hard.pretend he's a potato.

Everybody dance now!!!

Dance with me

Owl having a bath slow motion / ふくろうのクウちゃん、水浴びスローモーション - YouTube

Owl having a bath slow motion / ふくろうのクウちゃん、水浴びスローモーション - YouTube

Over twelve delightful minutes of things on kitty heads (shironekoshiro)

Shironekoshiro - Cat lovers should view this.

More character than some people

This lady came to my school telling everyone that they are going to burn in hell

The Dog Artist - Rescued from an animal shelter, Arbor's paintings raise money for animal charities.


19 things hilariously similar to one another