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A piece of Fender history!! This is a prototype Fender Broadcaster/Nocaster/Telecaster 1949-1951 in Studebaker Red. See Dan from Chelsea Guitars talking about this guitar on attached YouTube link...

Gibson Les Paul---- "The famous Gibson Les Paul is pure classic rock and roll, these instruments are pure with power and precision, you play one it's like getting your hands on a beautiful girl, you'll play for hours!"--- Sean

1956 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with wraparound tailpiece.

One of the best-sounding guitars I've ever played, and by far the most beautiful.

John Frusciante Collection's - This 1962 Fender Jaguar in Fiesta Red is the guitar Frusicante has owned longer than any other. *–*

Jimi Hendrix' "Woodstock" ('68 Fender Stratocaster). Paul Allen bought this at auction for 1.3 million.

1971 Gibson Recording Guitar. Shag rug sold separately. #guitar | - <3'd by Stringjoy Custom Guitar & Bass Strings. Create your custom set today at #guitar #guitars #custom #music

alquier luthier fabricant de guitares electriques et acoustiques | la AirMail

This Jazzmaster has stolen my heart. I have a soft spot in my heart for this body style and color.

LEFT TO RIGHT) The ’59 Gibson Flying V made famous by Albert King. “Lucy,” the guitar built by Dan Erlwine in the early 1970s and used extensively by King. The mid-’60s Gibson Flying V King played extensively after his ’59 V was lost.