TRANSLATION: God can use us all, despite our shortcomings and sins. [Christian]


Bible Verses about Worry Overcoming Anxiety...because I tend to be a worrier!

Great article on the importance of language, profanity, and teens. A must-read for every Christian teen!

Hell. Who goes to hell? What does Jesus say about hell in the Bible? There are four important things to know about hell.

Women of God.

True that!

Sometimes we think we're hearing God speak, but we're not sure. How can we tell the difference between our thoughts and God's thoughts? Double click on the image to read the 5-minute devotion, Hungry for God: "How to Know It's God Speaking to You."

God remains.



HIS plan

This pin leads to an article that is a definite MUST READ for all the SINGLE CHRISTIAN LADIES out there!!!! <3 Refreshing. 9 ways to date God's way.

bible emergency numbers

New blog post: sharing my struggle with “christianity.” Can you relate?

God is enough and so much more.

Amen! #quote #saying #reminder #christian #lds #God #faith #love #wordstoliveby

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