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  • Brittany Stone

    Sadly your man is not Severus Snape (or Alan Rickman for that matter). this is funny.

  • Jacqueline

    Old Spice Man, Harry Potter and a swing at Twilight? Too funny

  • Christal Thompson

    haha! Okay, so I honestly read this in the voice of the Old Spice guy...which just messes with you when you are looking at a pic of Alan Rickman

  • Marice Salib

    anything is possible when your man is a wizard and not a sparkling vampire LOL harry potter > twilight

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The longer I look at it the funnier it gets

If this were really in Harry Potter, then I'd consider it worth my time.

I don't know why I found this so funny, but I'm still giggling.

they don't transform voluntarily. If you paid attention in the movies or maybe READ THE BOOK, you'd know they don't do that voluntarily.

  • Rainbow Dynasty (FARSQUAAD)

    Ba-bam. Take that, twilight

  • Tasha Scruggs

    They can do it voluntarily. Jacob continuously changes at will. But they do address it in the books that Jacob is more like a shifter. Though their tribe only shifts into a wolf

I just love the last sentence hahahaha! Can I point out that Hermione also did magic without her wand...

  • Sniper4Lyfe

    I dont think so either

  • kenzy huggard

    they probably don't but their wands could be like a funnel, they could try and complete a magical task without the wand but it would probably be like filling a water balloon without putting the end around the fosset, it would eventually get their but be really hard to control all the water.

  • Sniper4Lyfe

    Yup thats true

  • Julianne Hillukka

    10 points to Gryffindor

  • Sarah Matherly

    Hermione is the Flipping Female Magical Chuck Norris. I'm pretty sure If Gandalf told her she could not pass she would anyway.

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Well said. Why Harry Potter is not just a, "Children's Series". It baffles me when people don't get why I love this series so much. It's not just because of the magic and the characters! These books teach you something REAL and touch you in a very real way. They aren't just books, they are the truth of the world. I value everything these books have taught me and I'm better for having read them.

Oh my God. French Voldemort - too much funny for so few words LMAO

Accurate. Thanks, Harry Potter, for setting it straight.

That awkward moment when Alan Rickman is actually a nice guy unlike his character... But I love this :D

This was much funnier than it should have been...

Haha! If Harry Potter had Instagram. (click thru for more pics) Love this! :D

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