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yes, i am short. no, i am not intimidated by you because you are taller than me.

Ohhhh wow, SO TRUE! Haha...I've almost 'drowned' so many times! :P

I actually have a story about this one: I was with two tall friends in a wave pool and after about 30 minutes I asked to go in because I was tired and they were like ".Oh yeah.you can't reach" ~ Not my story but funny

Short Girl Problems #13 Except this happened to me once.. for real. Meeting a family friend and they go, "Oh do you go to middle school with so-and-so?" No sorry, I'm 21.

Short Girl Problems I've had people say to me "Oh… You're in high school…" as if they thought I was in middle school.

this is so freaking frustraiting tall people you know nothing!!!

Short People Problem Hahaha so true! People ask me why I walk so fast. because I have to keep up with you lol.

I hate it when people say I' so short I'm a midget when clearly I'm not but still here comes all the fucking idiots calling me a midget

Short Girl Problems actually no, I'm not a legal "midget". If I was I would have a handicap sign on my car to get sweet parking spots.

Ya, I've had to do this. Sometimes people volunteer after they see me jumping.

short people problem you have to ask a stranger to help you get something from the top shelf at the grocery store!< I've had to this multiple times in the movie store. Then I struggle to put it back if I don't want it.

Especially when your boyfriend is a FOOT taller than you...

I'm not short but when my husband drives my car i feel like a short person when i get in lol