lego mat - cinches up to a bag

Lay-N-Go Lego Mat - brilliant!

How to make that PVC fort that's all over Pinterest. Reading nook for the classroom? So fun!

Make This Awesome Toy Car Garage with TP Rolls for Your Little Racer


This is seriously genius.

Lay-N-Go play toy mat // perfect for LEGO, simply pull the cord to quickly tidy up all the small pieces, and carry away! Genius! #product_design

What a good idea. Will need one of these down the road....

100 Things You Can Purchase from the Dollar Tree and Use in Play.

Amazing cardboard playhouse!! Build one with your kids and discover the joy and satisfaction of creating something together (key word: together). The more you share the control, the more fun you will have. ... Used to build things like this all the time with my dad! Great Memories!!

may the force be with you (when you're trying to get him out of bed in the morning)

Lego storage + Table : Our Wee Family Using plastic drawer cabinets, a four foot board and a few 15x15” Lego building mats this mama made a fantastic Lego station. The table top is removable for floor play as well. Not pictured is a third drawer cabinet that its in the seating area.

Free LEGO® Instructions | Thousands of complete step-by-step printable LEGO® instructions @Leslie Nicole

brilliant idea for eating in the car with kids!

Lego Storage Bag/Playmat

I have been searching for a site to do this for years!! Site to make Personalized board books. Awesome.

DIY Lego Table: $8 Ikea side table (4) $5 base plates from Amazon = $28 I also like the towel rod with the hanging lego cups.

Drill holes in plastic toys for toothbrush holder.

21 questions to ask your kid - would be fun to do on video and save.

28. This DIY sandbox is prettier than a store-bought version. | 39 Coolest Kids Toys You Can Make Yourself

Glue bath toy openings to prevent mold from getting inside and you from having to clean them. Why didn't I know this years ago??!!