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    Best Laying Hens

    How To Raise Egg-Laying Chickens

    a nest for a chicken to lay her eggs....

    Ameraucana hens. lay blue & green eggs.

    Best laying chickens

    Chicken Egg Laying Cycle

    How to Get More Eggs from Your Laying Hens

    Best Nesting Or Laying Boxes For Chickens

    Backyard Chickens, what they look like & what color eggs they lay...

    Heritage Chickens Best Egg Laying Chickens

    What to feed laying hens

    Want to keep your chickens laying through the winter? In this podcast, you'll learn 5 things to do today to keep your chickens laying, as well as mistakes to avoid. From FrugalChicken

    5 Best Egg-Laying Chickens

    Unless you plan to breed or show your birds, you'll probably be happier with a flock of mixed breeds. If you choose breeds carefully, It will be easier to tell the chickens apart as individuals, tell who's laying well, who's laying poorly, and who's laying abnormal eggs. You can also plan for steadier year round egg production, and for one or two broody prone hens to hatch eggs and raise chicks, while the rest of the flock lays well.

    Best chickens that lay the most eggs and fit well in small farms

    How to Extend the Laying Season by MomPrepares - Homesteading and chickens go hand in hand. How long can you get your chickens to lay?

    Chickens & Winter Egg Laying and Lighting

    Breeds of Laying Hens

    Wicked Chickens Lay Deviled Eggs