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  • Tom Meyer

    Maneuver Support Company ORBAT. The wonderful drawing is from Ennr, and first appeared on ForumDifesa

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M-60A1 First Gulf War

Iraqi BMP-2 First Gulf War 1991

MIM-72 Chaparral. This self propelled AA vehicle is based on the versatile M113 APC chassis and uses the M-10 sidewinder missile stystem. Designed for long range AA, it was paired with the M163 Vulcan air defense system, also mounted on an M113 chassis, which would engage aircraft closer in. Both have now been replaced in US service by the Avenger air defense system, mounted on a modified Humvee. The Chaparral is still in use with several nations.

Military Trucks | Stalwart FV620 Amphibious Military Truck


TOS-1 220 mm Multiple Rocket Launcher

Next generation 84 ton US Army Ground Combat Vehicle //

Fox recon vehicle (UK)

Parade and detention

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Syrian panzer IV. In the Golan heights. (May have misspelled that) Russia provided Syria with captured German weapons to fight Israel.

Daily Afternoon Randomness (60 HQ Photos)


New Turkish AFV - From SNAFU!



Chinese Marines on Winter Exercise 2015 - From SNAFU!

Chinese Marines on Winter Exercises - From SNAFU!


Rocketumblr | SS-1b Scud A Tracked Missile Launcher

RBY Mk 1 Armored Car The RBY Mk 1 is a 4x4 light reconnaissance vehicle. It was developed in 1975 by RAMTA, a subsidiary of IAI. It is airmobile while maximizing anti-mine protection. The vehicle can be armed with four pintle mounted MAG machine guns.

Slovenian Military | Slovenian Army Slovenia Cobra wheeled armoured vehicle personnel ...