Polish eagle & flag

I love the idea of a heart tat

Polish Roots

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Polish crest/eagle custom tattoo | eagle 3 #28801 | CreateMyTattoo.com

Tryin to find my swallow tattoo...having sailed over 80,000 miles in my CG career i think i earned it

lock and key tattoo design

free tattoo patterns and drawings from inmates .com | half-sleeve-tattoo-designs-half-sleeve-tattoo-design-by-montykvirge-on ...

dragon tattoo patterns | ... dragon tattoo designs. We will be listing many more dragon designs

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Roses are loved by most humans as they are seen as the symbol of romance and love. That´s why several unique rose tattoo ideas have emerged to enchant people, who look for such tattoos to express their love for someone special. The rose tattoo with different meanings is a major draw among tattoo fans, who like to wear them in their own special ways. - GoTattooideas.com

Geisha and Hannya Tattoo Design by phrance89 Deviantart

polish tattoo

Amazing tattoo artwork. This girl makes great designs

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smaller asymmetric tat.....would be nicer and easier to hide i suppose

My Rose and Lace Tattoo design

a simple Love Life Loyalty Design -

I cannot wait to get a tattoo! Deff will have one on my ribcage!