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  • Donna Ferguson

    Edible Landscaping: vegetable garden | jardin potager | bauerngarten | köksträdgård

  • Diane Jensen

    GRESGARTH HALL - wattle fencing used to contain the beds. Usually made used young willow branches but other sapling branches can be used as long as they are supple.

  • Ginnie K

    wattle fencing on raised beds ROCK ROSE: GRESGARTH HALL

  • Ashley Moseley

    Wattle Edging has surrounded kitchen gardens since gardening began. Has seasonal pruning left you with numerous, long, flexible tree suckers and saplings? You will need to move fast, as those branches will become too stiff to weave soon after cutting. Drive stakes. Weave like a basket. The firmer you press the wattle down, the sturdier the fence will be.

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