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    Stellar: Newly-wed Shirley and Warren Andrews celebrate their marriage with this astonishing portrait, set against the stunning backdrop of the Milky Way galaxy

    • Jean Creighton

      A wedding photo under the stars by Lakshal Perera. Couple Ties the Knot Under the Milky Way ( New South Wales, Australia ) - gorgeous!!!

    • Sophie Vale

      We've all seen beautiful wedding photos before, but this one by Lakshal Perera is simply out of this world. Using a 71-second exposure, Perera not only gives us a wonderul snapshot of the newlyweds, he shows us an incredible sky filled with millions of stars, along with our Milky Way galaxy.

    • Ah Lee

      Wedding Under The Stars Here's a wedding photo that's out of the ordinary. Melbourne-based wedding photographer Lakshal Perera snapped the picture of a couple with the Milky Way as their backdrop on a farm in Deniliquin, NSW, Australia. The newlyweds, Shirley and Warren Andrews, stood very still as Perera used a 71-second exposure. Read more:

    • Shalu Kodiyattu

      Best. Wedding. Photo. Ever #wedding #photography #long-exposure (Image by Lakshal Perera)

    • Jerry Leung

      wedding picture under the Milky Way

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