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  • R AL

    That's a mommy daughter thing for sure lol ........oooooo yeah except it would be the puppy dog eyes and pouty lip like I do and he's a goner he already said that.

  • Jeanette Caballero

    Like ur momma taught u!

  • Kayen

    oohhh yea...

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Mommy-Daughter dating. Plus a link to some date ideas. I do this with my son, but a good reminder that it's important for Mommies & Daughters too.

Mommy and daughter tutus....def going to do this!!

I have done that b4 then i tired again and was like u got a txt and I kept doing it not even realizing I was the 1 making her get the txt I realized i was doing it when I said u now have 8 new messages come get ur phone!!!

Oh this is soooo my mom lol

Parenting in the new millenium. I am so going to remember this! 10 years time, this is *so* going to be me :D

hahaha..sometimes I wonder if these are really as funny as I think they are or it's just cuz I can't laugh out loud that makes them funnier!

I can see this happening with us

I'm with the parent on this one. If you use "jelly" or "jel" to mean "jealous" I will NOT take you seriously.

Love everything about this. Captures a mother's love in a timeless moment. Beautiful.