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  • EmmyRed

    Oh the memories!!!!! I LOVED Garbage Pail Kid cards!! <3 I had quite the collection [stack] too!.... I even remember when they got banned from our school, because they became such a distraction among the students!!

  • Superfly Presents

    Garbage Pail Kids, 80s trading cards

  • Tracy K Nixon

    I collected and swapped Garbage Pail Kids stickers at school! Why? I haven't a clue lol!

  • Jennifer Tucker

    Garbage Pail Kids ~ pretty gross, but a great childhood memory!

  • Michelle Mundell

    Garbage Pail Kids! Collector cards that were a spoof of the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. They were so gross, but we couldn't get enough of them! I gave all mine away to my cousin sometime in the very late 80s.

  • Christy Dain

    80's toys - I remember garbage pail kids

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OMG!!! These gross cards sure take me back! Cant believe my mom let me collect these lol!

These were the soundtracks to your life: | 50 Things Only '80s Kids Can Understand. I loved all these. What great memories!!

Garbage Pail Kids! Totally had hundreds of these crazy things! This one I remember, in particular.

Garbag Pail Kids Cards...I remember collecting these. So much better than baseball cards.

Toys from the 80's!!! Watch the gallery to see which you can name... (my brother still has some of these cards, btw)

garbage pail kids. Back in the day my son collected these. Still have them packed away upstairs. lol

Garbage Pail Kids Collection....Remember the joy of collecting these stickers and putting them on your bedroom walls?!!