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twisted pony. Don’t have time to do your hair? This is a 5 min hair do! Put a little more sass to that pony! -Twist your hair away from your face and back as if you would put it into a pony right then. Pin it with a bobby pin. -Do it to the other side. -Pull your hair back in a messy pony. pull the bobby pins out of each twist. {They should stay in now that they are in the pony tail.} - Grab a piece of hair from under your pony. -Wrap it around your elastic a few times…

Braided Topsy Tail

Braided Topsy Tail... I got so many compliments when I did my hair like this. I tried it this way, messier, and a little more sleek. Both were fun but simple. : )

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5 Hair Styling Tutorials For Long Hair

Beautiful and simple ombre hair, wrapped up into a low pony! Keep up with the finest hair colors this season at!