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Adventures in Breastfeeding + Altered Shirt Tutorial

DIY nursing tank you can wear over a nursing bra.

BabyCenter Blogfrom BabyCenter Blog

DIY: Turn your favorite bra into a nursing bra

DIY: The uncrafty mom's nursing bra conversion


Undercover Mama Women's Nursing Shirt

Nursing shirt, regular tank top that can clip right onto your nursing bra... DIY

diy nursing bra that can easily be transformed back into a standard bra later. . . I would still use elastic from the top strap to the bottom of the cup so the strap stays in place while nursing (instead of falling down the back of my shirt)

DIY Nursing Tanks. I've spent a TON of money on nursing tanks and I could have just done this!?! Gahhhh!!!! Seriously could have saved myself at least $100.

No sew nursing undershirt. just cut the circles out and let the bobbies hang loose. or just cut a straight line and mend the edges so it does not fray or stretch out

Tutorial for Postpartum Padsicles. Soothing frozen pads for after delivery. I was so sad to leave the hospital without more of these! This will come in handy for the next time.

Car seat cooler.... Leave it in the carseat when you spend a hot day at the zoo etc and your child's seat is nice a cool when you come back. (good DIY baby shower gift)

DIY Nursing Bra Tutorial! I love my Body by Victoria Bras and can't find nursing bras i like and this is the solution!