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Wonderful colours.

Reminds me of a bad storm over the Atlantic. Fantasy: I would be sitting in front of my picture window, in my home on the beach lol, watching it roll in. I love watching God / Mother Nature at work! I just pray everyone stays safe.

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Морские пейзажи - картины, фото

Isabel loves the ocean. She loves to swim, watch the waves, and take pictures of the ocean. She loves to see beautiful views.

Heaven is where the salt water is. Heaven is where the waves are. Heaven is where the beautiful fish swim. Heaven is where the seashells are. Heaven is where my heart is, at the ocean.

The sea #mywatergallery

When I had my near-drowning in the ocean in Puerto Rico, it was post-hurricane waves, even more turbulent than this! I know what if feels like to be out there alone.

would really love to go to the beach. this looks like johnny depp or orlando bloom could pop up any second!

Coastal Beach Sunset - Nine minutes of relaxing, rich, natural sounds of ocean waves crashing through a smooth sandy beach as the sun slowly sinks into the ocean. Real time video and audio. Video by Marlene Krueger Nothing Like A Beach Sunset or Sunrise!

Water worlds

Beautiful photo print looking up from the sandy sea floor to the water above

208 Atlantic Ocean near Bahamas 8x 20 от vladimirmesheryakov

I like this painting because you really have to look at it to see it's a painting 208 Atlantic Ocean near Bahamas 20 от vladimirmesheryakov

Sunset and Waves°° mother nature moments | Moon Shine over the Ocean

Moon Shine over the Ocean-Brings back memories of swimming in the moon beam as a child.


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pastel tones of sky sunset maybe clouds pink purple lavender baby blue

Surfs, God, Space, Rainbows, Waves, Nature, Dios, Rainbow, Surf

Beach wedding color inspiration. Beautiful sunrise at the beach. It almost looks like a watercolor.

Beautiful sunrise at the beach. It almost looks like a watercolor. As well, the sky is picture perfect in watercolor style-a picturesque canvass mirroring the ocean.

Under the Storm #Pinterest Pin-a-way

Under the Storm. This is one which I would say is worth a thousand words. The light shinning, the boat safe while storms rage all about. Our God is an awesome God! lgh Just my kinda row bout.

747 Pilot Captures Breathtaking Pictures of Storms and Skies

747 Pilot Captures Breathtaking Pictures of Storms and Skies

Being a pilot is a rare enough, however, being a pilot that can take epic photographs is one in a million, luckily for us, 747 pilot Christiaan van Heijst is