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Explore Spray Tropical, Tropical Breeze, and more!

Finally used this on myself two evenings in a row, and it really does help keep the mosquitoes away without smelling like bug spray! Tropical Breeze is my favorite, especially for the summer.

This replaced any body spray - and the body DEW is a baby oil replacement - do it, you will be happy you did!!!!

Body Dew - also sell body Dew . I don't have to use lotion for days ! This product is $18 and it lasts forever . Congress in for different scents . -blissful berry , strawberry champagne , tropical breeze and peach .

Encounter - $15.50 - Use Encounter Oral Sex Gel to produce a smooth, satisfying action with lubrication, for increased penile sensitivity. Flavored for maximum pleasure.

Thunder - $14 - Upgrade male performance with a fast-acting, gentle desensitizing agent. Thunder makes sex an experience you and your partner will enjoy!

Just Like Me... $17.50. This pH balanced lubricant enhances the comfort and ease of sexual activity. It is non-irritating, water-based and safe to use with all latex barrier birth control methods. It reacts to moisture and reactivates with the body's natural fluids, making it ideal for water play. Available in Watermelon, Sweet Pear and Non-Flavored.

Romantica...This creamy oil is the ultimate aid for a sensual, relaxing experience. It is the perfect marriage of oil and lotion resulting in a long lasting massage lotion. It can be used alone or with a massager for even more stimulation. Available in 2 scents

Evolution - $15.50 - Evolution - the NEW Men's only body shave cream. This is designed for men to feel secure about "bump free" shaving. Provides the exact amount of ingredients to smooth their skin (anywhere on their body) and be confident about themselves.

Enjoy a sensuous massage with this delicious flavored lotion. It warms to the touch, and gets even warmer when you blow on it, providing the ultimate erotic taste sensation. We have six fantastic flavors to choose from: Butterscotch, Chocolate Raspberry, Orange Creamsicle, Peppermint Kiss, Strawberry Margarita, and Wintergreen (4 oz.).

Sensura Massage Oil...Have an aroma-therapy massage in your own home. The natural oils and the essence of herbs and flowers in Sensura give it a sensual scent and leave skin soft and supple. The oils penetrate your skin and muscles to give you a deep tissue massage and add to overall relaxation. Available in 2 scents