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what respect looks like and sounds like

BOB Books Reading Chart Checklist: Jay and I just started these and he loves them! He's doing an excellent job and really reading!

Teaching children how to have good character.

4 R�s of Charlotte Mason Homeschool {Approaches to Christian Homeschooling}, plus this awesome blog as an encouraging resource.

One place to get awesome parenting tips to help you stay calm in the chaos of kids. This will help every parent out there learn how to handle their anger, stop yelling, and build a happier home with their kids.

Teaching Character with a Habit Chart |

This is a MUST have for Biblical Parents. My wife and I love it. Click to View (Child Training Bible Charts)

Quote from The Christian Parenting Handbook: Developing a strong biblical parenting philosophy requires you to embrace a more comprehensive approach that focuses on the heart.

Bible Study and Character Training for Multiple Ages

I love Pearables character curriculum

Wow, so many helpful little charts

Kids of Integrity | Free Christian Parenting Tips and Resources

Parents can help in teaching older siblings to invest their time and love into the lives of younger siblings. Here are some ideas.

Parenting. ..

Titus 2 - amazing resources for keeping your home, training your children, etc.

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Positive discipline


Top 5 Coping Tips for Special Needs Parenting Be sure to read these 5 tips to gain some insight into how to cope as a parent of a #specialneeds child!