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At 79 years old Joyce told me, " I don't want to look younger, I want to look as great as I can at any age."

Lordy but I hope I'm this cha cha at 99 years young! click the link for a wonderful short video of her. She looks even more beautiful in the video...Ruth's Life and Style Advice 1."I make myself go out everyday, even if its only to walk around the block. The Key to staying young is to keep moving." 2."Invest in Quality pieces, they never go out of style." 3."Don't look at the calendar just keep celebrating everyday." 4."I dress up everyday and I don't wear blue jeans." 5.Take care of…

from Mail Online

World's oldest supermodel Carmen Dell'Orefice, 81, takes to the catwalk twice in one day at New York Fashion Week

Eveline Hall ' What's the best age? I would say it's this very moment. I would like to be an inspiration for young women, to prove there are no age limits. My face reflects my life, my personality. One has to forget about surgery and liftings, one can be beautiful and sexy, but one can no longer be young."