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  • Claire Couch

    before i die, bucketlist, stop caring (Full Size)

  • Michelle Shannon

    pretty much #1 thing on this bucket list.

  • sarah herrmann

    Bucket List: Stop caring about what people think

  • Dani Lombardi

    DONE & DOING~Stop caring about what anyone thinks (done except with the people who are important to me). Done and doing. We live life on our own terms without apology or regret and hopefully causing harm to none in the process.

  • Katelyn Mcbrady

    Before I die #quotes #bucketlist

  • Allie Perkins

    Bucket List - stop caring about what anyone thinks. Something I really need to work on.

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The kiss underwater one just makes me think of the Let's Get Lost Music Video by G- Eazy haha AND I REALLY WANT TO BE AN AUNT, I REALLY WANT MY BRO TO HAVE KIDS, (he's 28 almost 29).

Explore India - still want to fully do this. so many places still left to visit

When I was a kid, my parents transformed a school bus into a camper. The sound of rain on a metal roof brings back a lot of memories.

Something i've already donnee!!

I would like to do this before i die.

Couldn't do this when I was in Seattle last October - there was construction going on and we couldn' get to the wall! Must mean I get to go back to Seattle!!!! YAY!

Done, I like to keep the things I've done on my bucket list to remind me of some great memories. =) ~SS

Pretty much sums it all up :) Koala NYC Eiffel Tower Piano Hollywood Dolphins Road Trip! Dream Home Ferris Wheel Kiss Remember me Surf Travel Galapagos Islands African Safari Follow my Dreams Fashion Show Paragliding Baby Lion Fairytale Wedding Birthday Cake Route 66 Infinity Tattoo

Before I Die...! Oh Yah.. and more than once... And more than 1 best friend! hahaha! I have like 7!