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Bruce Banner’s reflection. Mind. BLOWN.

Bruce Banner’s reflection behind Tony Stark is the hulk in this scene! This is why Joss Whedon is one of the best directors ever!

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In this post the uneducated are taught that the Hulk is not a mindless monster born out of rage.

That moment when..  - funny pictures #funnypictures

That moment when you find out that Joker and Robin went to school together, Captain America and Black Widow dated, she, Alfred and Wolverine were friends, and Wolverine fought Batman.

Gender double standard

Why not! :D {what if he is the boy that Steve saved in the Captain America: The First Avenger movie.age might or might not be right but it's what i thought of when i read the post} <<< I WILL ADD THIS TO THAT HEADCANON

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood QWQ

I don't which is worse. One Mister Roger is one you watch as a kid. Other is a superhero. I won't to disappoint either.

Marvel's The Avengers ...And at that exact moment, the entire theater fell in love with Mark Ruffalo.

The Avengers.And at that exact moment, the entire theater fell in love with Mark Ruffalo!


I laughed wayyy too hard when I reached Sam and to this day love love love love that scene. <<<== The "Jar of dirt" part is my fav because my family came up with it during a game, and now it's an inside joke XD

tony stark, stop it...

Here is a new part of rare photos of famous people. Actors and actresses, musicians, movie directors, etc. Kurt Cobain Here is a new part of rare photos of famous people. Actors and actr

What? Spiderman you didn't get that text? I could have sworn Ironman sent it.

And this is why the Avengers cast is so awesome. And why I'm deeply in love with Chris Evan


After Agent Coulson dies, Tony Stark's chest light goes out. It broke my heart too, Tony.


Clifford the Big Red Dog -- This is great. This is my childhood dream. Can this be a thing? I would personally start a movement of children from the Big Red Dog childhood to back whoever wrote this and put it in the avengers.

When people say they don’t like people….

It’s easier to say you’re antisocial… Ugh, this hurt my heart. Oh the feels! Sherlock Holmes, Loki, Dean Winchester and The Doctor SuperWhoLock and Avengers

Guardians of the Galaxy--- this is the funniest thing I've seen all day. I actually know both of the songs mentioned, I feel so UPDATED in POP Culture! Haha!

Sorry I was speeding officer. I was listening to Mumford and Sons and the banjo solo came on - Guardians of the Galaxy