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Did you know that in Constantinople (now Istanbul) a woman could divorce her husband for failing to keep the family Ibrik or coffee pot filled? If this old Turkish Law were still in effect and applied in more countries, there would be a lot of divorced women on the globe.Coffee assumed a social importance. This beverage may not be flashy or knock anyone out but it has a way of creeping into ones heart and soul and becoming simply unforgettable.

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Coffee Art Print - Coffee smells like Heaven Giclee Print Typography, Kitchen Art

Freshly ground heaven!!

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Heaven smells like freshly ground coffee.

They say that heaven smells like freshly ground coffee.

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Coffee Tastes Better Art Print by Brooke Weeber

I wish that this could be Chris and I one day...

Mix in 1 tsp. of Pumpkin Pie Spice with enough coffee grounds to make a full pot of coffee and brew.

how to make Arabic coffee: Ingredients 3 tbsp. Ground Arabic coffee (very finely ground) Water Cardamom (to taste) Sugar

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LOL I don't drink coffee but I am hooked on my own kind of caffeine so... LOL #PersonalLeadership #Women

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Turkish Coffee Pot, Vintage Olive Green Enamel Ibrik

Turkish Coffee Pot, Vintage Ibrik in Olive Green Enamelware. $11.00, via Etsy.

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The Barista a Perpetual Pouring Percolator

coffee pot sculpture