Easy holiday hair tutorial.

Half bun the cross cross of hair around #bun #hairstyle

First you want to tease the crown of your head to get some volume. Next, divide your hair into two sections. Starting with the left side, twist the hair all the way down and coil it up in a bun in the middle of your head. Secure with a clear elastic and 2-3 pins.



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The Half & Half. Things needed: Curling Iron (At least 1in), . 1) Using a large-barrel curling iron, create loose curls around your head from your ears down 2) Part your hair in the middle & use your fingers to separate & loosen the curls 3) Starting halfway down the part, begin spritzing your roots with hairspray & continue to the crown 4) Tease the sprayed hair (The crown of your head) 5) With a brush gently smooth the teased hair. Gather the sides up into a half ponytail 6) Secure the si...


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hair tutorials. she makes it super easy. i need to learn!

half up wedding hair

30 up-dos!

Teased side braid

Half Up Braid


French braid half-up

Half up.

Easy messy updo for medium/shoulder length or longer hair. The Small Things Blog - Video tutorial on the page!

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Half Up Braids