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I'm not sold that this burns 100 calories but I think it's a good way to work in some exercises... During tv commercial breaks maybe?

1,000 Calorie Workout - you could burn over half a day of eaten calories in one workout! that's what I like to hear.

500 Calorie Home Workout for Fat Loss: 5 rounds of 5 exercises to get your blood pumping. HIIT it at home! Keep your body burning calories all day long!

Do this 5 times a day and burn 500 calories. 10 times = 1,000 calories. There are 5 commercial breaks in a 1 hour tv episode. Burn 500 calories while watching your favorite show.

Killed me on the first day but burns 300 calories. I am going to do this for the next week. Who wants to do it with me?

Skinnytastefrom Skinnytaste

Weight Watchers Tips to Lose Weight

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