how to make bouncy balls

After an hour if trying bouncy ball recipies I found one that worked!!!! Homemade Super Balls

WATER MARBLES...super fun summer project for the kids ( parents too)!

Ssilly Putty ~ this only calls for 2 ingredients that you already have at home!

How to make a bouncy ball! Kid's favorite!

Momma's Fun World: 45 fun things you can do with food coloring

Magic Snow Paint Recipe- my kids had so much fun hunting for magic snow with their magical snow paint

This is a fun activity that will entertain your kids. Make a lava lamp in a water bottle! It's simple & easy! #science #lavalamp

Kids can master new skills and have plenty of fun with this jam-packed activity kit.

Fun for big kids to make their own bouncy balls!

Glowing Rainbow Water Beads- easy to make- ULTIMATE water bead FUN!

Egg + Vinegar = Fun little science project

fun craft for the kids

Make your own glowing bounce balls…

Kool-AID slime (Borax free, edible!) Kid safe. Uses metamucil, koolaid, water, food coloring.

Egg Shell Geodes - this really works and is such fun for kids. Plan ahead if you want to do this for Easter

Dough made with hair conditioner and corn starch. "Think of this as a mix between playdough and cloud dough. It is light and airy like cloud dough, but moulds better as the conditioner helps the cornstarch become more pliable."

Rock Monster magnets tutorial. Make something fun with the kid's this summer!

Design your own dragon with our DIY activity kit and get ready for a roaring good time!

Mix Modpodge with glitter. Paint on whatever you want to sparkle. Or instead of modpodge use Elmer's glue with a bit of water. Supposedly Its just like modpodge.