Love miss van

Super new Miss Van tattoo! Done by my boss, the amazing Mike Peluso of Big Buddha Tattoo and Piercing in Lubbock. She is so perfect and beautiful, I’m obsessed!

I love Miss Van. Her work is so lovely. And it isn't all that often I get to see it in tattoo form. Wish I knew who this tattoo artist was.

Mysterious Miss Van tattoo by Taioba Taioba MissVan masks maskedladies

Tattoo by Sean Rhodes at Right Coast Tattoo Parlor in Fenwick Island, Delaware

Octopus girl bust tattoo by Sean Rhodes at Right Coast Tattoo Parlor in Fenwick Island, DE

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Ian McAlister @ Red Hot and Blue in Edinburgh - I LOVE this one so much! I keep saying i want a pistol tattoo, and this one is spectacular.

I really want to like this owl with clock eyes tattoo. It's been done very well, but I'm still not sure...

Best Owl Tattoo Designs - Our Top 10

I love the owl with clock eyes perched on a key, but I think I'd do it in black and grey, not new school, more vintage illustration style.

Harlan Thompson, Pioneer Tattoo, Chicago

Harlan Thompson, Pioneer Tattoo, Chicago