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...Sometimes when my inner light starts to fade out, I have to remind myself that it's not me that wants it to burn out, it's those around me. When this feeling comes I have to take stock and shine a little brighter...Stay strong people!!!....x

As a child .... My imaginary world always looked very much like this ~ As an adult I can say that I have been a Wench and a Lady~ I have worked in a Castle, have hunted with Hawks and Falcons, and flown them for Lords, Ladies and peasants alike from...

This is the most important lesson of life. I love to post the juxtaposition of historical & fantasy with similar contemporary expressions. I love beauty, style and all kinds of design. The images I post help me to escape, they enchant me, they make me...

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Small Daily Motivation Quotes Yeah. Instead of going out of your way to piss someone off. Go out of your way to make someone's day a lot better. You never know. They could possibly be breaking and your words of encouragement could save them. Or your wo

I really question that?!! I do not think this will EVER, EVER make sense to me, except that answer I first thought & still the only one I can fathom......HE NEVER LOVED ME (after 2 kids & 30 years?!!!) And now....I WILL NEVER EVER BE THE SAME, either. :(

This quote made me laugh but then I thought of birds of a feather flock together and most importantly 'Associate with the stupid you will fare badly'. That's a huge warning! and "Do not be misled bad associations spoil useful habits"! So true!