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    the face of a rainy day


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    20 Perfectly Timed Breathtaking Pictures | Incredible Pictures

    Face book.

    Rainy Day, Paris, France// a lot of days in paris france...

    Grau und schwer hing der Himmel von Gewitterwolken und die Gemüter der Menschen waren dem Wetter angepasst. Dunkel und träge drängte sich das Gros der Passanten durch die nassen, überfüllten Straßen. Damen in viel gerüschten Roben, deren Taille akkurat zurechtgeschnürt war, trugen ihre Hüte und reich geschmückten Zylinder mit erhobenen Häuptern.

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    cool photoshop pictures

    A 1915 French WWI poster soliciting for a Paris Day war charities fund raiser: 'Paris Day. July 14, 1915. On behalf of the Hotel de Ville's [Paris city hall] war charities. For the soldiers . . .'

    Eiffel Tower, Paris, France


    Lost Tracks of Time Steam Engine Cumberland West Virginia - steam train - there's something really awesome about a steam train barreling down the line, smoke stack pouring out pure power in all it's awesomeness... and glory... get the hell off the tracks or get mowed down and left for disaster in it's wake...

    Paris Youth Culture: France, 1950s

    Norwegian photographer Odin Hole Standal woke up early one morning, went outside and made giant soap bubbles. Here are his beautiful results. Look at the lovely sunrise!

    Dream wedding! On a pirate ship!!! .... rosie... this is probably where all of those peter pan proposals got married



    nice view