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49 Random #Funny #Facts That Will Explode Your Mind

Random factoids... Moaning Myrtle officially creeps me the hell out and Netflix WHAT?

cool facts. WHAT?!?! (The polor bear one is wrong their coat is actually a bunch clear tube things that absorb light giving them a creamish color)

Facts that make you think…

Wonder how many of these are true? The bride one though... XD

Random Facts So Amazing They Must Be True – 32 Pics

We've made computers the size of an average sized book and moderately sized cars that run on a battery and yet nobody knows why the quack from a duck doesn't echo?

Things That Are Total Lies

random awesome Facts about you…

I love any type of facts or trivia and so this is great. I would also like to say: SLENDY SHOUT OUT! OHMAHGOD!!