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this is so cool.

Interesting facts you probably don’t know…

  • Mary Ccl

    It makes me wonder If I could donate some stuffed animals to the firefighters or cops here in USA for the same reason. Because that is really sweet! (I may look into it.)

  • Barbara Schoonover

    I know when i was in my car accident with my daughter in missouri the paramedics gave her teddy bears to calm her down during the ride to the hospital

  • Meghan Davis

    Mary Ccl- I know that many towns here in Oregon have the teddy bear program, too. I'm sure there is probably a program in or near your city that would love the donations! If not, you could always check with hospitals to see if they have any programs for kids who get admitted!

  • Anna Franke

    When I was little, we were in an accident, and the officer who came to the scene gave me a Teddy bear. It was incredibly comforting :)

  • Mary Ccl

    @Meghan Davis Thanks! I will see about it and the hospitals too.

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Random Interesting Facts

Some weird facts | DailyFailCenter....omg the eyelash one ruined me D:

  • Karina Oishei

    Have had nightmares ever since I saw the magnification of them in a pin. Seriously want my eye surgeon to check.

  • Tracy Ashley

    The thing about the Canadian visa is totally untrue!! (#16)

  • Christie Howison

    You think the eyelash one is the worst? How about one person making more money than an entire factory? That's how bad Nike is.

  • Karina Oishei

    How about the chinese workers that assemble iphones and have never seen a complete one ?

  • Megan Withrow

    Yes, those are bad I'm just saying the eyelash thing is creepy.

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cool facts. WHAT?!?! (The polor bear one is wrong their coat is actually a bunch clear tube things that absorb light giving them a creamish color)

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50 things you don't need to know. @Shannon Martell More stuff people don't need to know.

49 Random #Funny #Facts That Will Explode Your Mind

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Wonder how many of these are true? The bride one though... XD

Weird random facts

  • Mimi Outrageous

    Kay that vaseline thing? Gag me. But the rest (mostly lol) make me feel like maybe i can accomplish something... Not like they did, but ya knoww lol

  • Sarah Morgan

    How did the window knocker know when to wake up? Is there s window knocker who wakes the other window knockers so they can knock on everyone elses' windows... But if thats the case, then yet again the question remains of who/what wakes the window knocker who wakes the window knockers....

  • Mimi Outrageous

    Haha sarah you make so much sense! :P

  • A. D.

    And people wonder why I have issues with buys a house...

  • Lauren Torgersen

    I think the window knockers had alarm cloc- wait. If they had alarms, then couldn't the employees have alarms too? I have no sense of logic

random awesome Facts about you…

We've made computers the size of an average sized book and moderately sized cars that run on a battery and yet nobody knows why the quack from a duck doesn't echo?

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