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holy crap, I should have!! ----I knew but still like that it's finally hitting the net, so re-pinning. :) Plus who could've Not seen that mischievous look!!

I see what you did there

This movie (Only You) where I fell head over heals for RDJ it must have been the kissing scene that did it for me, yep I think so.

WAS THAT IMPROV? Oh my that just makes it better...

Avengers // Tom Hiddleston and Robert Downey Jr. - It looks like Robert is interrogating Tom. RDJ: "Why are you so perfect?" TOM:"I don't know what you're talking about." RDJ: "How did you steal all my fangirls?" TOM: "Ehehehe I don't know what you mean."

Robert Downey Jr.: cutefaces

Murray-arty | Benedict Cumberbatch on Sesame Street. If you're cool, you've been on Sesame Street. That is all.

I did this last week oh my God I CRIED..... only in Doctor Who can the first time you meet someone be the day she dies...

"Yes, I think it works." FAVORITE PART!! Peggy is so mad at Cap, and Stark and Cap are just like, "What is up with her?"

“I don’t joke when I say she (Susan Downey) is my better half. She truly is. I cannot believe what a fantastic life I have today. But here’s the thing, she didn’t change me at all. She just gave me an ultimatum at a certain point. Ultimately, we both changed a lot so that now I can’t ever imagine a life before her.” — Robert Downey Jr. My favorite RDJ quote about Susan

Did not see that one coming...

I totally noticed this in the film - because I'm apparently an Avengers hipster