How to remove scratches from dishes.

barkeepers friend. This one awesome cleaning tip will make your dishes look like you just bought them. Don't worry, it'll be our little secret. ;-)

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This is a really great list to follow- and most people ignore #2 but it can make organizing so much easier!

Great cleaning tip for getting rid of pet stains and odors and its a chemical-free cleaning method!

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Time to wash and whiten yellowed pillows? This is a great article that shows you how to remove stains. It works! #diy #tips #clean

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How to Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Toilet - A safe, effective and natural way to remove hard water stains from your toilet without any harsh chemicals. It literally takes minutes and leaves your toilet bowl clean and sparkly like it was when you purchased it!

Hang picture frame from nail on clothespin then position on wall. GIve the frame a tap and the back of the nail will mark the exact spot to place the nail used to hang the picture permanently!!! GREAT IDEA!!!

how to remove those horrible jean stains from a light colored leather purse. good to know!

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every cleaning tip on pinterest in one place... would have been nice to know 100+ pins ago. via realsimple.

DIY: Remove Labels from jars

You won't believe how easy it is to get rid of all those ants for good.

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Remove flatware marks from dishes. Now if I can only remember who I was discussing this with last month.