• Krystal Ratliff

    Easier said than done! But I know God is there for me, so no worries!

  • Hayley Buehler

    Matthew 6 34

  • caroline martlew

    inspiring quotes don't worry bible

  • Janelle Russ

    Bible quote

  • Shay

    Years ago a colleague of my father's was talking to him about how depressed he had been feeling, and gave the impression that he might not go on much longer. My father spoke this scripture to him. God's Word is powerful. The man didn't commit suicide. Its' vital that we remember how a small gesture can mean so much to someone who is hurting.

  • Tammy Lambert

    I have to remember this

  • Jennifer Miller

    I need to trust this verse!! Don't worry, God has it all under control!

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