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Lightnings, hurricanes, tornados and supercells by storm chaser Camille Seaman

This Low Precipitation Supercell develops with tops climbing to 60,000 ft; the rotation was so great that it formed a beautiful swirling barber pole formation which rapidly transformed into a lovely mesocyclonic (rotating) cloud. WOW!

Rainbow. I think this phenomenon is called sky fire or fire rainbows? I saw one in the sky over Chicago (April 2013). It lasted about 40 minutes and was truly awe inspiring. It changed color and intensity slowly and at times was only partially visible behind a veil of bright cumulus clouds. I was driving to work at the time so was unable to take pictures.

Nick Gerber:I’m excited to announce that we’ll be holding a print sale to help us finance our film project. Everyone mark your calendars for Friday April 13th, 2012. We’ll be holding the event at the GR N’namdi Gallery at 110 N. Peoria St. Suite 102 (right in the West Loop) from 5:00 to 9:00 and all proceeds from the art you buy will go towards helping us launch the film project: Operation: Route 66. Prints like this and others of mine will be available as well as a half dozen o