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Winter Storm Could Mean Big Headaches For Holiday Travelers In Chicago

Amazing Pictures Of 2011 Chicago Snow Storm ~ Snow not so pretty ~ I'm not ready for this kind of snow!!!

Rainbow. I think this phenomenon is called sky fire or fire rainbows? I saw one in the sky over Chicago (April 2013). It lasted about 40 minutes and was truly awe inspiring. It changed color and intensity slowly and at times was only partially visible behind a veil of bright cumulus clouds. I was driving to work at the time so was unable to take pictures.

The all-time Chicago record snowfall was set in 1967. Over the course of 35 hours, 23 inches of snow fell on Chicago, clogging streets, shuttering businesses and paralyzing the city for days. Roofs collapsed. Hundreds of stalled vehicles sat helpless in the streets. Dozens died. The 1967 storm, oddly enough, was preceded by a few days of record high temperatures in the Chicago area. On Jan. 24, temperatures hit a balmy 65 degrees, bringing heavy rains. Just two days later, on a Thursday at…

That looks so scary. I would have been hiding under the bed during that electrical storm.

Lightning hits Sears Tower, Chicago. It will ALWAYS be the Sears Tower for me, no matter what anyone else would like to call it.


These Snow Storms From The Past Were More Dangerous Than Fun.

The Great Midwest Blizzard, January 1967 - this giant blizzard affected areas from the Midwest all the way to the Southwest. That's a big storm.

Socks On An Octopusfrom Socks On An Octopus

Nasa’s Astronomy Picture Of The Day – Roll Cloud Over Wisconsin

rare cloud formations - Roll clouds- low, horizontal tube-shaped arcus cloud associated with a thunderstorm gust front, or sometimes a cold front. Roll clouds can also be a sign of possible microburst activity