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2 ferrets in the shape of a heart sleeping on a mat.Wallpaper and background photos of Ferret Heart for fans of Ferrets images.


I regret the "no clothes on the ferret" thing that I agreed to when we got ours.

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Seriously cutest ferret snuggles ever.


Funny pictures about Ferrets wearing turtlenecks. Oh, and cool pics about Ferrets wearing turtlenecks. Also, Ferrets wearing turtlenecks photos.

for my friend <3

Ferret by Alan Hinchliffe

They look good in the latest fashions. | 19 Reasons Ferrets Make The Most Adorable Pets

19 Reasons Ferrets Make The Most Adorable Pets

I want a ferrret!

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A super adorable ferret kiss to brighten your day :-)

Ferrets can be cute too!

Marry me and adopt 15 ferrets with me, Start a ferret family.

Ferrets--babies! So cute! My own ferret, Rocky, is over 7 now!

Did you know that a group of black footed ferrets is called a business? That’s just one interesting fact about these endangered animals. In only 18 were known to exist. With recovery efforts led.

FYI, Baby Ferrets Are Really Cute - BuzzFeed Mobile

hajandradeye: “FYI, Baby Ferrets Are Really Cute ”

I love it when Mad Eye Moody does this! Go Mad Eye! But then as Professor McGonagall says 'never use magic on a student'

View full size Ferrets come in a variety of color variations.

Baby ferrets = kits.

27 Baby Animals That Will Instantly Make Your Day Better

They& all so sweet, you will feel the positive energy overtaking you.


I adore ferrets

I would be more inclined to love ferrets if they stayed like this...

Baby ferret dreams of changing the world

This is why ferrets need friends.

Ferrets, aww I miss these


Ferrets are NOT rats or rodents; taxonomically they're in between cats and dogs, a little closer to dogs. **They're in the Suborder Caniformia friend, they are not related to cats- they even are susceptible to CANINE distemper.