Education Joyeuse*: L'Avent selon Steiner : les calendriers

We're doing our first advent calender this year. I shared a tutorial for our leaf advent calender yesterday. Each day of the month corresponds to a fun nature play or eco craft activity. The days in bold fall on the.

Nature exploration table for children

Nature Exploration Table

Through these 50+ thought-provoking ideas and 32 pics, I share with you the secrets to preserving a child's intrinsic sense of wonder and creating lasting pleasure. The pleasure that comes with interacting with the natural world in spontaneous, unstructured ways.

heartfelt thoughts and 32 pics - on how to enjoy nature with kids - spontaneously – using all five senses and with a sense of wonder!

14 Fun Activities for Kids Who Love Dirt + New fun kids music that encourages outdoor play and a love of nature - from Bobs & LoLo's new DirtyFeet Album - at B-Inspired Mama - AD

14 Fun Activities for Dirt-Loving Boys - and Girls!

Does your kid love getting messy? Playing in the dirt? Here are 14 fun activities - perfect for your dirt-loving boy - or girl!