Make a QR code to post outside room for open house night. Parents can scan and get your teacher contact info! Whoa... fancy! . . . . Just did this and it was sooo easy! Showing this to my teachers for back to school.

How simple and USEFUL QR codes can be in the classroom- this would be cool to use on programs for music concerts- more info on pieces of music, etc.!

EdTech Toolbox: 40 Interesting Ways to use QR Codes in the Classroom

Classroom routines made easy with QR codes

QR code classroom scavenger hunt

Meet the Teacher Night Treat for parents...hopefully the message will be meaningful :) Open House at day care

QR Codes in the classroom

Open House (Meet the Teacher Night)

a QR code scavenger hunt. The code will take them to a location in the school, where there is a clue. They have to answer the question (clue) for the point.


An informational parent letter to create a new avenue for parent-teacher communication using the app 'Remind 101'. Use this app and letter idea for other organizations like sports, scouts, or room parent.

For open house or conferences

No Homework Binder. I like this even better than my Missing Work Forms...

beyond the grades: teacher binder. Great ideas of things to include! this is brilliant!!

Blog Post about using QR Codes to Play Tic-Tac-Toe by Teaching High School Math!

Love the anchor charts!

I want this for my classroom

Love this idea ! Start of the year and then do what you think a teacher wants in a student.

How I Used Foldify and QR Codes to Teach to the Common Core | mrspepedotcom

Pinner says: My latest ploy-- getting my kids into more non-fiction. I'll post a crazy fact a day, and if they can bring in a fact for me and show me where they read it (any non-fiction resource, print or digital) I'll put it up for the day with their name. I'm hopeful I can hook them!

Open House Idea