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for my honey who pretends to hate everything. Untitled (I like you 'cause you like me and you don't like much.), by Mike Monteiro -

17.03.14' (8) : deine Haut zu berühren kribbelt noch immer wie verrückt. Manchmal, wenn wir uns stürmisch lieben, bist du soweit weg, dass ich wieder näher zu dir kommen muss, um deine Nähe zu spüren.

A lot of you seem to need this tonight. - @austinswift7- #webstagram Austin Swift- Life Saver and only known for his sister. I love Taylor, but this boy is a legend. Seriously.

I'm in love with my bestfriend... <3

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"I would bet my life, like i bet my heart that you were the one baby, i've never been so sure of anythin before, drivin my heart crazy. I can't hold back now, like i've done before"

Untitled (May the bridges I burn light the way.), by Mike Monteiro -

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It's more important to be NICE - Print


Holy hell, can someone say that about me?

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Si alguna vez hay mañana cuando no estemos juntos ... Hay algo que debes recordar siempre. Eres más valiente de lo que crees, más fuerte de lo que pareces, y más inteligente de lo que piensas. Pero lo más importante es que, incluso si estamos separados ... Yo siempre estaré contigo.