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Cloud watching

Scavenger Hunt

This is a cute way to do a Nature Hunt!

Sorting nature

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Spring Nature Crafts and Activities from The Weekly Kids Co-Op - #kids #kidscrafts #kbn #binspiredmama

This is a checklist for students to use outside on a fall scavenger hunt. Kids can walk around outside and try to find various fall objects such as...

Nature Bingo--to do on nature walks!

ABC Nature Walk - Perfect for Earth Day!

Nature scavenger hunt: Thank goodness, something different the kids can do outside!

fun brain break: use paper plate and tissue paper "fish" or other animal, race to fan across rug!

Surprisingly easy science experiment for kids. Make a rainbow in a jar!!

Vacation Sorted, with these Nature Play Ideas - Now I know I am bias, as this is one of "our posts", but I have to say, I am SOOOO excited about this little post - as we had SUCH a lovely time playing with nature on our last holiday. I loved that really, all we used where things we found. No paint, no glue, no string, no pens. Just playful nature fun. I hope that these are usefull to you on YOUR holidays too!

35 nature activities for kids

Community project - create different buildings in a community

Alphabet scavenger hunt. Throw a bean bag on a letter and let kids find objects starting with that letter.

I must make treasure hunt cards Picture of EXPLORE - Beach Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor color match! Punch holes on paint chip strips, attach with a binder ring, and send the children on a spring color scavenger hunt.