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Rush--he learned from the conservative movement leader William F.

Rush, rush, baby

Rush, rush, baby

Go Rush... I'm a ditto head. He speaks the truth..

10 little-known facts about Limbaugh

Go Rush. I'm a ditto head. He speaks the truth.

And, of course, the official Rush website, now with a Steampunk theme! :)

And, of course, the official Rush website, now with a Steampunk theme!

I love love love! Victorias secret Beauty Rush lip gloss. It's super light and shiny and lasts for hours. The bubblegum flavored is my favorite <3

Beauty Rush lip gloss from VS!

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On this date, April in President and Mrs. Reagan honor the victims of the U. Embassy bombing in Beirut, Lebanon at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland.

One Nation Under God...

anti Obama "One Nation Under God" Sticker

One Nation Under God...

Newt  Gingrich

Newt Gingrich

"If he acts in such a way, he is in violation of the Constitution. The Constitution is what holds this country together. The Constitution is what defines this country.    There isn't enough knowledge, nor is there enough respect, for the Constitution in our country today, which is why I'm trying to help a little bit here. Nineteen executive orders to deal with something they are not permitted to deal with, in a way they're not permitted to do it." -- Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh - The Man Liberals Love To Hate

That's right...TWICE, IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD. True story!      http://www.arkancide.com/

It really happened.shot themselves twice in the back of the head. Ruled suicide by Clinton friend.