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iCarly. Never ceases to make me laugh. Every time.

Why does Spencer use weird stuff to build stuff like a spoon hat?

iCarly... When the temperature gets too high the elderly will start to die! Wow that's a creepy rhyme!

I don't know why this makes me laugh as hard as it does! I think about uncle Robert how he would watch that show and laugh his butt off!

Icarly is hilarious sometimes...

That moment when Gibby finally brings up the fact that Spencer hangs out with all his little sister's friends...

iCarly, how Spencer always made things catch on fire lol.

I just laughed, snorted, then proceeded to choke on my own saliva...all because I thought this was hilarious lol iCarly "Stairs, stairs, stairs!"

Yes. I'm 15. I still think iCarly is pretty funny for a kids show.

Haha Mrs. Benson was one of the strangest people on the show