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Best feeling ever! I just wish I could have done this the other day, but it would have been for the other person next to us.....

Shall we start a best friend tag? I think we shall. As most of the people who've actually looked at my page my very best friend in this whole universe is Grace Igel. She's been with me through thick and thin. I love her with my all of my heart

Ahhg. I miss ya so much!  We're making plans chica. @Baylie Carlson Young

Here are best Sister Friendship quotes So you can “Keep calm and Call your sister” It is all about love, i am so missing my Bestie … love you .

Thats right 8| haha

Kilgore thanks! Love you like a sister! You have always been there for me Even when we have our ups and downs and stuff. But you are my first ever BFF. And I am happy we are soul sisters for life! you make me feel so blessed, luv yah!

She's my person . . Have your phones ready it may happen soon ladies.

From Greys - and yes, I have my person! Actually, my person lives too far away so I'd have to call my other person!

Making someone smile...

Little reasons to smile - making someone smile when they're having a bad day