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Famous gay couples

View a slideshow of ‘You may be able to name some notable gay figures in the public eye, but can you identify their significant others? These LBGT couples have shared their love with the public at large. ’ and other National Today in Photos pictures.

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Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

  • Elizabeth Lynn

    Loving another consenting adult should not be illegal. That's ludicrous. And "science" has in fact proven that being born a homosexual is in fact true. Its epi-genetics. Meaning there is no pattern.

  • Elizabeth Lynn

    You and your family keep your heads up! You sound like a kind and loving family.

  • Natalie Dempsey

    I love this quote. Beautiful and funny at the same time.

  • Easy Kawaii

    This is great, I want one for my room

  • Easy Kawaii

    Kid, 11 year olds shouldn't say if gay marriage is wrong with that certainty

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Love has no gender and being gay is a blessing. ♥♥ Guy & Chris

  • Elizabeth Lynn

    What is stupid?

  • Elizabeth Lynn

    The only thing that seems stupid on here is the fact that you keep coming back to this pin I see and commenting hateful messages on it. You have your own beliefs and that is fine, but most people on here are not going to agree with you and say that your religious beliefs should dictate the lives of others or for that matter government laws.

  • Amanda Petrosky

    Just shut up

  • Elizabeth Lynn

    So now you not only feel that based on your religious beliefs you can dictate the lives of others and basic human rights but say when we can and cannot comment? You are more than welcome to share your opinions just be aware for someone to disagree with you. If you have a problem with that maybe you should refrain from commenting and bullying others based on what you believe.

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THIS IS HOW YOU HANDLE GAY ISSUES WITH KIDS: don't do anything at all. Being gay is normal, being gay is common, being gay is ok. This is what we need to teach our kids.

When we have open, loving hearts and compassionate sight we cannot help but defend equality and work towards the day when there will be equality for ALL...not just some select few...globally speaking.

  • Aliya McReynolds

    Homosexuals could always marry. They had the same rights as everybody else, the right to marry someone of the opposite sex.

  • Audrey Van Vliet

    Though I understand the "intent" of this image, a clenched fist is not able to extend in love. This says anger and violence more than it does love. I'd rather extend my hand in love than clench my fist...and "globally speaking", there are many being castrated, mutilated, beheaded (including children), burned with acid, stoned to death...where is the outrage?

Someone is watching you.... and he happens to be super hot and The Count Of Monte Christo...

American Graffiti - one of my all-time favorite movies. This movie started the whole 1950's nostalgia craze in the 1970's.

Mr. Darcy: So this is your opinon of me? Thank you. Perhaps these offences might have been had your pride not been hurt by scruples about our relationship. Am to rejoice in the inferiority of your recent circumstances? - Elizabeth Bennet: And those are the words of a gentleman? From the moment I met you your aroggance and conceit and your selfish disdain for the feelings of other made me realize that you are the last man in the world I could ever be prevailed upon to marry.