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My team is the best so back off competition💎❌🔱

hit-pull-stick-smile:    more-than-a-sport:    cheer-o-cracy:    fly-jump-tumble:    ca-kaylee:    ceabailey:    Shes like looking at her nails haha    “damn I should of painted them.” for the anon.      (via imgTumble)  ^^^ Hahahaha i laughed so hard!!    she kinda looks like she is fist pumping because she knows how awesome she is..    “sh*t. i didn’t  take it all off. deduction”

Crosslink Foam Gymnastics Floor in two thicknesses and two styles (carpeted or uncarpeted).

World Cup Shooting Stars.... have loved them since the 1st time I competed against them..."how do you like me now..."

Nj Spirit Explosion beat them, the year my daughter cheered!

Tell me its easy after you can do this <3

Football players say "well I lift weights" and I go "umm, well cheerleaders lift people😏