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Here’s an intimate look into the battle of breast cancer - In 2009, Renee Heidtman was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer. Rather than leap to chemo and radiation, Renee opted for several different natural therapies in the hopes of beating cancer on her own terms.

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I Am In Awe Of This Woman. What A Beautiful Spirit! - Gail Chovan is a fashion designer, mother, wife, and breast cancer survivor. In the past nine years, she’s had her ovaries and her breasts removed, grieved the death of both parents, and gave birth early to twins who were born with congenital toxoplasmosis, a parasite that affects the eyes and brain. Both her children have shunts in their brain to drain excess fluid, and her daughter Zelda is blind and also has a seizure disorder.

Not just related to breast cancer patients / 10 Things Anybody Who’s Experienced Chemo Brain Can Relate To - We have all heard of chemo brain. It is often referred to as a mental cloudiness or fog. It’s a decrease in one’s mental sharpness that often coincides with the effects of chemotherapy. Another resource:

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Uta Melle - Women of Strength - Breast Cancer After chemotherapy and a mastectomy, Uta Melle said posing in front of a camera helped her discover a new version of herself.To let yourself be photographed in that moment, the lens discovers a new strength in you that you can then employ yourself; The Wall Street Journal

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Injection boosted immune response, seemed to slow spread in those with advanced disease.

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U.S. study suggests that up to one-third of breast cancers -- or 50,000 to 70,000 cases a year -- don't need treatment

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Women of Ashkenazi Jewish descent who tested positive for cancer-causing genetic mutations have high rates of breast and ovarian cancer even without a family history of the disease, researchers said.