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    Yes! Our ability to use changes, challenges, stressors and struggles to lead forward is REAL. Resetting the internal and organizational GPS starts with developing a new relationship with change, stressors and struggles that optimizes our potential. It is about building our 3Q Edge!

    Each day I love you more

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    Uta Melle - Women of Strength - Breast Cancer After chemotherapy and a mastectomy, Uta Melle said posing in front of a camera helped her discover a new version of herself.To let yourself be photographed in that moment, the lens discovers a new strength in you that you can then employ yourself; The Wall Street Journal

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    Live STRONG! Cancer can't take away your strength!

    Photographer David Jay switched from capturing couture to creating portraits of young women with breast cancer.

    Whenever I hear a someone make a crack about women and science or something like that, I like to imagine the ghost of someone like Rita might materialize long enough to smack the ever-loving heck out of them. How many examples of strong, independent and intelligent women do you need? Geeze.

    In honor of all women every where ! National women's day- Unite!