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    • Ashley Bartner

      This is a great idea! Root vegetables are best kept vertical... by Corean designer Jihyun Ryou

    • Asia Jurska

      Jihyun Ryou, Savefood from the fridge -

    • Hudiefly

      Check out these cool eco-friendly ideas to replace putting certain food in your fridge. #ecofriendly #foodstorage #kitchen #home #cooking #DIY

    • Pinning Towards Understanding

      "Saving Food From The Fridge" -Doing It Ourselves shared Low-tech Magazine's article share "Korean artist Jihyun Ryou, a graduate of the Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven, translates traditional knowledge on food storage into contemporary design. She found the inspiration for her wall-mounted storage units while listening to the advice of her grandmother, a former apple grower, and other elderly. Her mission: storing food outside the refrigerator."

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