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Chalkboard wall could be a cool idea for a photo booth... if only it was easily transportable!

matte black chalkboard wall. I'm going to do an entire chalkboard wall in my house someday. mostlikely in the kitchen, but a craft or play room would be great for this too

Foto "pinnata" dalla nostra lettrice Serna Scuderi, blogger di Cappello a bombetta

I always think chalk walls are an idea better on paper than execution because the thought of a bunch of chalk dust in your kitchen sounds terribad BUT. i love it all the same.


A chalk board on a back wall! Would be perfect to write down messages,instead of using post it notes everywhere, and a great thing for kids to draw on instead of marking your walls.

I heartin' this chalkboard. It's the chalkboard of chalkboards

need to make a cool table. and must paint a chalk board wall.

I'd love a black or white board wall (for dry erase markers) to go behind my drum kit would be great for teaching drums.